Brasilianischer Schmuck – Design aus Brasilien

Brazilian jewelry: special highlights

Sobralita regularly presents you with special treasures and news from SOBRAL - Brazilian jewelry of a special kind.

Carlos SOBRAL's jewelry has almost become a trademark of Brazil over the past few years. SOBRAL is preparing to achieve the status of other Brazilian identifiers and export hits with its Brazilian jewelry. We associate Brazil with carnival and samba, temperament and a good mood, full life, dance and music. For us, Brazil is Rio de Janeiro with the Copa Cabana, the Sugar Loaf, the Christ statue on the Corcovado.

Brazil is the huge metropolis of Sao Paulo, where the Formula 1 racetrack is located. Football is also part of the image of Brazil. And of course the rainforest as an animal paradise and mysterious place for undiscovered primeval forest peoples. And: Brazil was and is the country of crazy projects: We think of the futuristic architecture of the capital Brasilia or Manaus, the city in the middle of the rainforest, in whose opera house none other than Caruso has performed.

And last but not least, everyone associates Brazil with summer, sun and beach, with beautiful, lightly clad women. All of this can no longer be imagined without our vision of Brazil. And it cannot be overlooked that the beautiful, scantily clad women mentioned last are increasingly wearing not only the obligatory bikini, but also Brazilian jewelry from SOBRAL.